Welcome to the Studio NITRO R!

Welcome to the Studio NITRO R! 1840 850 FlyHi Studio Argentina

What about some good Latin music for this long weekend?! You’re going to love this artist. We just finished his website solution and it does come with a sneak peek of his single. NITRO R will be going into studio this second half of 2020 to record his album, so more to come about its future release!

In the meantime, we leave you with a little taste of his sound and story about him:

NITRO R brings a unique sound to the industry. You can feel his Latin roots from Ballads, through Regaetton to Hip-Hop. His music takes you through his journey in life. Broken hearts, joy, struggle, hope…

It doesn’t matter your genre of choice, NITRO R will bring you into his world in every song. It doesn’t matter if you are not one to hit the floor dancing, his beat will make your heart pump, your body move and your soul dance.

Welcome to the Studio black dawn!

Welcome to the Studio black dawn! 1840 850 FlyHi Studio Argentina

We love building website and social media solutions for musicians! Mostly because you can work for them while listening to their music. There’s something unique about the creative process being linked to music, specially if that music is your client’s. Imagine having their songs as your “Client’s Briefing”. Being immersed in your client’s world while creating content for their brand it’s a complete different experience.

Visit their new website to Sneak Peek the album Shine releasing soon:

Make sure to connect with B6/D# @ their new YouTube Channel and watch their new video Shine Yo Light!

Welcome to the Studio Artek!

Welcome to the Studio Artek! 920 425 FlyHi Studio Argentina

Innovative IT Solutions For Your Home & Business.

Artek IT Solutions can address all your technology related questions or projects. We focus on four main technology areas: IT, Security, Automation and eRecycling.

Family owned. Professionally Operated.

We provide a complete suite of services from consultation to maintenance and support in the areas of IT Services, Security, Automation and Green Building Management. We are known in the community for our outstanding customer services and constant investment in education and staff development.


Alex Reising – Owner

With over 25 years of experience in the IT field and a background in Civil and Environmental Engineering, I have found my niche at the confluence of these two areas.

At ARTEK, we strive to bring technology to the end-user as a complete package from design, installation and maintenance, all the way through recycling and responsible disposal of electronic waste.

To know more about Artek please visit:

Welcome to the Studio White Oak Solutions!

Welcome to the Studio White Oak Solutions! 920 425 FlyHi Studio Argentina

We make homes better through smart design and quality construction. Our goal is to make your home improvement project predictable and enjoyable, working with you and your goals in mind. Here is why we are your best General Contractor choice in Maryland:

  • We are licensed.
  • We are insured.
  • We work with trained Crew.
  • We use reliable Suppliers.
  • We’ll give you clear Pricing.
  • We have the experience.
  • We work with integrity.
  • We understand flexibility.
  • We listen.
  • Our reputation precedes us.

Learn more about White Oak Solutions here:

Welcome to the Studio Dockko!

Welcome to the Studio Dockko! 920 425 FlyHi Studio Argentina

Dockko is a self-taught classical musician, who has talent in a wide range of instruments, from piano, percussion and string instruments. He took these self-taught talent into the studio where he has become a phenomenal producer and artist. There is just another hidden talent that Dockko possesses: the ability to listen to music and create a song without first thinking of a concept, without a paper orpen. Dockko usually records all of his music in one take.

Know more about Dockko @

Welcome to the Studio DogFace Records!

Welcome to the Studio DogFace Records! 1840 850 FlyHi Studio Argentina

Publishing, Educating, Helping & Grooming Artists

Our mission is to create multiple platforms for women, men and their families with a purpose and a passion: to celebrate life and to inspire and entertain while empowering listeners around the world to live and embrace their lives fully. We believe that by doing so, artists will lift the lives of those around them in ever-widening circles.

We seek to collaborate with artists across all genres of music, to learn more about them, to stay informed on and take part in their music scene. We focus on advancing their artistic excellence, innovation and creativity; enhancing their lives through fun, inspiration and self-expression.

Know more about DogFace Records @

Welcome to the Studio Boar City BBQ!

Welcome to the Studio Boar City BBQ! 920 425 FlyHi Studio Argentina

Home of Vonnie B’s Original BBQ Sauce

Boar City BBQ was born to do what they love: Smoke hogs to perfection. Then, thanks to Giovanni, sauces came into the game. Nothing like marinating them with our own stuff.

Vonnie B’s sauces where inspired by Giovanni’s request for “Chicken nuggets and sauce…” That’s how this whole thing started. He wanted more than just ketchup to dip his nuggets in and… BOOM! Vonnie B’s Original BBQ sauce was born. A collision of Kansas City and Carolina tang was just the bold flavor they needed to kickstart their recipe!

Today, they continue to smoke hogs to perfection and make sauces that blow your mind. Simple, right?

Check them out @

Joum USA

Joum USA 1840 850 FlyHi Studio Argentina

Cool stuff from all over the world delivered to your home.

A point of reference in design, quality and online experience. Joum® USA aims to become a destination for best price/quality relation products for the home space.

Their goal is to find unique products at the best prices around the world and bring them to you, delivered to your doorsteps. We foster relations with reliable suppliers with products of great value so you can get the best price for any item you are looking for.

Know more about Joum® USA: